Little Stevie Dresler (LSD)

In honor of Steve’s 30th anniversary with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the Grossman family gifted Steve with his own action figure, Little Stevie Dresler. LSD has accompanied Steve and Cathy on numerous road trips, and plans to continue the tradition into retirement. Stay tuned.

Chico, CA  7/31/13

Ready to road trip

Hoh Rainforest, WA  8/6/13

Not really supposed to feed the wildlife, but...

Jug Handle SRA, CA  11/29/13

Hanging with the Sullivans

Yakima, WA  8/1/17

Celebrating Steve's award as  a Knight of the Order of the Hop

Chico, CA  9/17/17

Some call it Beer For Drinking -

We call it Big Friendly Dresler!

Chico, CA  10/1/17

Harmonica blues with Shep

Edmonton, AB 2/1/18

Flying over the Canadian Rockies

Soldotna, AK  6/23/18

Me and Beaver building a dam

Chilton, WI   8/14/18

Intense action in the alleyway!

Brussels, Belgium 10/12/18

At the Comic Strip Museum

Heidelberg, Germany  10/21/18

Deutsche Freunde

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Jardin Japones

Westport, WA  8/2/13

Found himself a sand dollar on the beach!

Long Beach, WA  8/8/13

World's Largest Frying Pan

MacKerricher Beach, CA  11/30/13

Hanging with the Starfish

Tofino, BC  8/17/17

Found himself a seashell on the beach!

Clearwater Lake, MN 9/20/17
Quinault River, WA  8/4/13

A cold favorite

Lake Tahoe, CA  8/22/13

In trouble at Magic Carpet Golf

Crater Lake, OR

Found himself a pine cone above the lake!

MacKerricher SP, CA

Feeding a banana slug!

Darwin, MN  9/22/17

World's Largest Ball of Twine

Lakeside Refreshment

Chico, CA  10/13/17

Rescue operation:

Saving Buzz Lightyear!

Jasper, AB  2/4/18

Making friends with Snowy Bear at Jasper Park Lodge!

Talkeetna, AK  6/26/18

Alaska's Finest

Light Lake, MI  8/18/18

Hazy sunset on Light Lake

Brussels, Belgium 10/12/18

Help, Baby Smurf's in danger!

Warsaw, Poland   10/25/18

Warsaw Beer Festival

Buenos Aires, Argentina   7/3/19

Reserva Ecologica

Chico, CA  11/18/17

Celebrating retirement

Murfreesboro, TN

Met a cute chick named Rachel at Champy's

Willow, AK  6/27/18

Refreshment under the midnight sun

Light Lake, MI  8/20/18

Found a lost kitten in the woods!

Monschau, Germany

Bier und Brezel

Warsaw, Poland

Speaking gig at the festival

Islas-Tigre, Argentina 

Cruisin' the Delta

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